Sessions 1-3
Stygia and the Labyrinth

Nenna, Matthias, Master Illiath and Riri have all been summoned to the Underworld by August, a young ghost student of the College of the Dead. It was immediately apparent that the presence of mortals was not welcomed by anyone else. The party immediately drew the attention of the nephwracks, causing quite a stir in the city. Joined later by Kethe and Penemuel they have conferred with the Council of the College and made their pilgrimage into he Labyrinth to find the Black King Setesh. The red aspect of the Council, Ailwen Rane, presented them with gifts of soulsteel and sent the party and August down into the Labyrinth. Using their newfound knowledge of the land of the dead they successfully navigated their way out of the chaos they found but not without the loss of August and their nephwrack guide. When their senses were restored they were met by Zozma who told them they would not find the king they sought. The party rests deep in the Labyrinth at Cold House with their Abyssal host and his unusual company.


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